The only thing I’m worried about right now is working because that’s all I want to do. Yes, I should be thinking about college and getting my license and a car, but I’m not. Why? I just really want to get my money situation straight. Get another or even better job and have fun at the same time. To think about it, I barely go out. I’m quite the adventurous type, but I’m more adventurous on foot. When in a car, all I wanna do is sightsee in the car. My everyday consists of walking, seeing my boyfriend, working, and sometimes hanging out with people. Other than that I’m pretty content with it. My family pressures me to get a license and a car because they’ll sooner or later get tired of giving me rides. Sometimes my parents OFFER to give me rides, so they shouldn’t even trip about it. I can take bus. There’s always different routes I can take when it comes to going out. Bussing and walking is what I’m used to. Before I was stressing about not graduating, but now that I’m graduating, I could get that out of my head. I’m still a little disappointed at myself for not graduating on time and as an 18 year old instead of 20, but it is what it is. Work is the center of my worries and nothing can change that right now

He hates:

  1. My ghettoness and/or ratchetness - I’m not even ghetto though.
  2. The fact that I can’t save money - What can I say? I like to spend money. Especially on others. Yeah it gets out of hand sometimes, but I’m a nice person that likes to eat and help people when they need help. I’m not stingy about money. Money will always come and go.
  3. My clinginess - Okay, I’ll give him that honestly. I’m pretty darn clingy. Reasons being my past wasn’t all pretty and shit and it’s the reason why I’m so clingy.

There’s more reasons, I just don’t know them.

I hate:

  1. His insecurities - Alright, let me clarify. I don’t hate his insecurities, because he and everyone else in the world has them. I just hate how he lets himself down so much and he always lets his insecurities get the best of him.
  2. Shallow - I can be shallow too. In fact, I was pretty shallow towards the way he looked before I dated him. But I gave him a chance and forced myself to look past that. What I saw a handsome human being that has A LOT of potential on being a really great guy (looks, personality, etc.) On with why I listed this. He told me that he’d break it off with me if I ever got fatter. Like if my boobs and stomach ratio is even. (If my tummy is fatter than my boobs.) First time I laughed it off, second time I cried my ass off. Enough to cry in front of my best friend and her now ex boyfriend. AND I NEVER CRY IN FRONT OF PEOPLE. EVER.

The things I got over: 

  1. Not going out - He spends A LOT of time inside playing video games. I mean A LOT. He literally only goes out once a week. Work doesn’t count. I used to have to force him out of the bed. Now I’ve gotten used to it. I support his hobby and love of video games like he does of mine with exploring.

At the end of the day, he’s really picky and pretty shallow, but I’m with him because I love him. He drives me nuts, but he’s my boyfriend. The only one that paid attention to me out of everyone else. Overall he treats me like a princess and he’s a gentleman.


I think I’ve gotten to the point in life where I don’t really wanna go to concerts anymore. Or not as often I should say. Summer was supposed to be the season I’d go to a bunch of concerts, but not anymore.

Bad habit of not wanting to let people know what’s wrong.

New lipstick color (;

Probably no one will bother looking at this post, but I’ll give it a try.

Go listen to wavegroove on sound, they’re amazing!

These pizza fries I made were

"Wait, this isn’t my hat." [x]

I have great sex and whether I cum or not, food and music will always be better than sex. If we’re eating good and listening to good music, sex will have to wait. That’s just me though. I appreciate good food and music more than good sex.

i do not love dogs any more


haha that was a joke. i am pulling your legs, april fool. i will always love dogs and i will fight anyone who hurts a dog

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I don’t know how some people do it with the whole “break up and make up” constantly. If my boyfriend did that to me, I would have kept it as a break up. I don’t have patience nor time for that shit.